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Our office visits are scheduled by appointments. We ask that you call 24 hours in advance of a scheduled appointment if you need to cancel or reschedule. If you think you will be late for your scheduled appointment, we would appreciate a call so we can inform the doctor. If you need to schedule your yearly exam, please call two months in advance to schedule that appointment. Our physicians strive to see their patients at their scheduled appointment time, and will answer all your questions and concerns. We would ask your patience if an emergency appointment or surgical procedure has delayed your scheduled appointment.


We welcome phone calls with questions in regard to your ongoing care. Our office staff has been involved in many circumstances and is prepared to assist you. When leaving a message, please give us as many important details so that when the doctor returns your call they will have the most up to date information. Our first priority during office hours is to attend to scheduled appointments. Your call will be returned at the first schedule break available by either the doctor or their nurse. If your doctor is not available, please tell the staff to either leave the message for your doctor for the next business day or give the message to the on-call doctor to be returned.


Our office has one of our physician’s on-call, so if an emergency or urgent problem arises, you can immediately call the office. The on-call doctor will address your concerns accordingly. If the office is closed, you can call our office and the call is forwarded to an answering service that will contact our physician and your call will be returned within a one (1) hour. If for any reason our doctors need to refer you to a hospital, they have privileges at Lancaster General Hospital and Lancaster Regional Medical Center.


We ask our patients to discuss their medications and any refills with their doctor at the scheduled appointments. If you are running low on your medication or need to make a medication change, please call the office during business hours and request a refill or change. If you get our prescription refill line, this is a confidential phone line were you can leave all your pertinent information. When leaving your information, we will need to know your name, date of birth, and phone number, name and strength of the medication(s) needed, and the pharmacy name and phone number where you want your refills sent. Our office has a 48 hour policy to call in your prescription refills. If you need your refill immediately, there will be a $10.00 processing charge and our on-call doctor will write a prescription for you to pick up at the office.


At every visit, you need to bring a photo ID, your current insurance cards for verification of coverage and your office visit co-pays. If you have any outstanding balances, you may be required to pay them. If the patient has no insurance coverage, they will be considered self-pay and payment in full is due at the time of service. If you are unable to pay the amount due in full, our staff will work with you to set up a payment arrangement.

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